Her name is zLARA and she’s a terrorist

I remember once lara and I were playing and I asked her where and how we met because she choked my life to the point I couldn’t breathe. I sarcastically told her I regret meeting her and that she’s a threat to my life, that’s because I doubt if she’s ordinary, her trouble is just too much. You can’t have a challenge and be thinking beside lara, she’s such a wonderful lively creature. Its good, but she always forget that I’m a man and I have to think sometimes even if there’s no challenge (olodo someborry).

Anyways, I wonder if uncle ‘skunki’ (Lara slaps me)… sorry, Sunki… thinks he can have a monopoly of such a wonderful lady…errm, I’m not saying forever o,but till u put the ring on it, some of us will not stop carrying lara, I mean, lift lara above the ground while playing with her (I know Faby banks is reading this, he’s a culprit…loool)

As a man of few words that I am, I’d love to summarize lara because she’s not long herself, she’s very brief and close to the ground…she loves short bread, she gives every life challenge a shot, her best game? Shot put of course…I remember teaching her how to shoot as a general, I was thinking she would go to my armoury to pick up a bazooka or AK47 riffle…my lovely lady went for a Shot gun… Without leaving her wonderful spiritual life out, her favorite scripture, John 11;35…of course, the shortest verse in the bible..In short, I’m short of words…..LMAO>

But seriously, jokes apart, you know that saying; Real friends greet each other with insults? Lara is one lady who have seen my playful side the most asides my lovely twin sisters, u will think we are sumo wrestlers when we start playing or maybe, you will likely doubt if we are born again shaaa…loool…I use any kind of words when we are playing, there are no bounds, no limits, we share true agape love, like siblings… the way she brings me out of moods many a times is magical.. That’s her uniqueness.
Where we draw the line is how we don’t fail to tell ourselves the truth…the other chipmunks (Faby, and Sister Simi) know this!

I have to go; I’m running late for church…I’m still surprised how I woke up to start writing about lara before going to church though (maybe she’s a witch for Jesus….loool)

Happy birthday Lara oroo, I love you more than you can ever imagine…I wish you the very best in life, today and forever (of course u know that)…Love u scatter…azzin I love you to pieces…ore aiyeeee! Friend of LIFE!!! LMAO!!!!


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