why we must #OccupyUI again

For the mere fact that the VC could go extra mile to rent parents(staff) for their so called parents forum, we must occupy!!!

For denying us the use of stoves bcos his wives have been given the cafeteria contract, we must occupy!!!

For threatening students with SDC letter, if they fight for their right, we must occupy!!!

for denying us accommodation and making us face the risks of social vices, we must occupy!!!

Greatest Uites, if you are still indifferent to reasons why we must occupy, then am sorry but remember that a graduate from the land of injustice we never find justice.

It’s time we started to act, no going back!!! An injustice to one, is an injustice to all.

From a concerned UITE..Re broadcast till it gets somewhere!

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One thought on “why we must #OccupyUI again

  1. I shdnt take credit for ds…it wasnt my work, l copied it…pls remove d name l copied it frm a wall. (name withheld)

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